Year 7

Physics Year 7


In this year you will cover the first half of the Common Entrance 13+ syllabus.  The work may well be harder than last year and more detail and accuracy will be expected from you.  To get good marks you should aim to give as much detail as possible in your answers or descriptions rather than the minimum you think will be acceptable.  If you do not understand something after we have gone through it in class or have missed anything do come and ask me and I will help you. You can e-mail me if you do not want to do it in class. However I will not come chasing after you. You are almost at the top of the school now and you need to begin taking responsibility for your own learning.


Make sure that you have a firm understanding of all these topics as we cover them.  In year 8 you will be covering different topics.  However you will still be expected to answer questions on any of your year 7 studies during exams.


Good luck.




Topics in year 7




Thermal Energy

Energy resources






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